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The Party Games and The Checkmate! — 12 Comments

  1. If a man owes money and depends on a rental for income, but could sell it to pay the loans. Then not have that income but be debt free for now, should he sell

  2. God is so in charge of His creation and holds it all in His hands !!! Thank you God for giving us Veronika a faithful prophet bless her mightily Amen

  3. What a gift God has graciously given to you Veronika.  May you continue to hear from Him and proclaim His words fearlessly.  You are in my daily prayers.

  4. I think that most of these comments actually respond to Ezekiel 38 and 39. But it conclusively names Israel and not the Ukraine?

  5. Thomas Ice wrote: The limitations of prophecy as a source of information for the future were
    demonstrated with examples from various prophetic parts of Scripture. It
    became evident that the predicative element of prophecy is more translucent
    than transparent. Prophecy is always accurate in what it intends to reveal,
    but rarely does it reveal information so that we may know the future in
    advance. Figures of speech function to describe not the details of what is
    going to happen but the seriousness of what is going to happen.

  6. The party games are already in full swing. If you search the relations of the current key players, they are all in the same club without exception. The Lord told me appr 3 years ago that an influx of people will cause havoc in a part of Germany, Last year I think ‘they’ tried to gauge public opinion about taking in more ‘refugees'(to advance the destruction of the society in some areas in Germany and perhaps other countries further : The result was negative.Voluntary helpers have anyway nearly dried up as far as I know. I think they now want to recruit different ones.

  7. How awesome and poweful Our God is. The God who created us before the foundation of the earth. The Great I Am. The King of Kings and Lord of Lords. VICTORY through Jesus. The you Jesus for your chosen mouth piece to inform us of your details and plans. To God be the Glory.

  8. And the One who holds the winning hand, will send a knight in shining armor to take the helm of the ship of state once more!

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