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A Vision of The Horsemen & Chariots of Israel — 2 Comments

  1. I found it interesting and even humorous that God would say “not to focus on that” regarding the dying and whisking away of some Christians. It certainly got my attention and reminded me of Enoch and Elijah. If that is a minor point what does that say about the actual point. This could be very interesting.

    • Indeed. Just as well Elisha never thought it was a minor point and turned back or he would never have received the double anointing he asked for.  There is a problem about these kind of prophetic words that presumes that people who do not express their faith in the same way are not believers or followers of Christ. The bible says that we are not to judge another man’s servant. Many christians have been misjudged and overlooked as not having enough faith because of this. I personally witnessed such an anointing at the death bed of a loved one. Be careful it is not a form of spiritual pride.

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