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  1. I just finished writing my weekly e-newsletter which goes out on Monday, June 3rd. Today, I found your post on Facebook, and notice the word “shift.” It immediately grabbed my attention. This is exactly what the Lord has been speaking to my heart.  Here is the introduction to this week’s message.
    “There is coming a divine shift that is all part of the Lord’s preparation in getting things ready for what he wants to do in these last days.  I remember back in 2011 when the Spirit of God spoke to my heart about this shift. He said, “There is coming a divine shift, and in order to prepared for it, I need my people to be in position to hear my voice so that they will be able to move into what I’m about to do.” I specifically remember him saying, “…it is necessary to be in position to hear me accurately.”

  2. Thank you and may the Peace of God Bless you and follow you wherever you go sharing the Good News of Jesus Sis
    Veronika West! Love your Sister Dasiy

  3. This is affirmation. More affirmation on this today, with this message, and within two weeks time from other prophetic messages. Thank you. Amen.

  4. It is written and it shall come to pass. Praise be the name of the Lord.
    The Lord gives and the Lord takes away.
    Praise be the name of the Lord.

    Christ’s bride is a REMNANT of prepared (prepared by God and who also prepares themselves) her garments are without spot wrinkle or blemish, she has gone through the fire of purification. She has received her beauty treatments (Esther) she has fresh oil that fills her lamp and her wick is trimmed. SHE IS READY.

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