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The Fires of My Judgement Shall Fall! — 7 Comments


    Vessels of dishonor reaping
    What was sown for others to receive
    Causing their doings to come upon their own head
    Instead of those who in Jesus believe
    Bringing a new Fear down to earth
    Even The Fear Of The Lord
    Making the evil doers
    A little leery of using the sword
    For Vengence Is Mine and God Is Not Mocked
    Is About To Take A New Turn
    As Perfect Love Begins To Draw Near
    And wood hay and stubble burn

  2. ZION

    She’s a place of consecration
    Engraved upon her Lover’s Hands
    An inclination of the heart
    That burns for Him alone
    Her desire is His Presence
    For Whom her heart and mind doth yearn
    To dwell with Him within the Fire
    In which all wood hay and stubble is consumed
    She leans upon her Lover
    And comes up from the wilderness
    She’s a terrible army with banners
    Led by none but the One she loves
    She’s Mercy triumphing over judgement
    Walking in a Glory that is yet to be seen
    She was born to bring in the harvest
    And be the eternal Fire bride of the King

  3. Yes, this is so true, especially when you are called to fulfill your destiny at a church and the Leader destroys your destiny because of jealousy through a Jezebel spirit. Thanks be to the Father that told me I did not fail. I prayed God’s mercy upon that Leader. He is the Judge.

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