The Rapture: Spiritual Food For Thought — 3 Comments

  1. rapture takes place after the resurrection of the prophecy can over ride the written word of God….the whole creation is waiting for the revelation of the sons of God rapture is just an added bonus just before God’s wrath is poured on the earth…we are the light of the world and no one lights a lamp and hides it.daniel saw the saints facing the anti christ and those who their God will resist him and do great exploits,the greater exploits Christ prophecied the church will do.

  2. Let’s call it,_ The Pre Tribulation Rapture doctrine what it is,_”cunningly devised fables of men, doctrines of devil’s.”
    It Is not our “blessed hope” but a lie and distraction.
    A distraction from pursuing “the high calling of God in Christ Jesus”,_Or embracing the fulfilment of that third feast Glory of “Tabernacles”_ Or looking up, looking for that complete Redemption of “The First Resurrection” or better known as the “manifestation of the Sons of God” in the earth.,_ Romans 8:17-23
    Doth this, The Truth offend,_? Then so be it.!
    It’s Time for the “Eagle Saints” to “Arise”!!

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