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  1. What a lot of Christians don’t realize is we were baptized into Christ’s death (Romans 6:3,4); both literally and spiritually. Furthermore, the word covenant means (to cut) which is where the Martyrs shed their blood and seal the covenant between them and Christ( Revelation 8:9, and Revelation 13:7) . Last, Satan can’t overcome a people who won’t be here? Thus the rapture follows the great tribulation
    (Revelation 7:9) God didn’t created the Tribulation to punish sinners or the wicked he created the lake of fire for that!  However, the Tribulation was created to separate the bride of Christ from the harlot…those who have one foot on the kingdom and one foot in the world.

    • I agree with you, it never made sense to me that there would be two catching ups/raptures , only one when Jesus actually returns, and he only returns once, and yes I do belive all will be present for the Tribulation, as that’s kind of the point of it as you said. This also begs the question why so many people have dreams and visions of a secret initial rapture?

  2. Mena Lee,

    Thank you for sharing this with the body of Christ. There are so many with different doctrines of the Rapture, Tribulation and etc. I’ve had 4 Rapture dreams within a year. Mine were not as detailed as yours but each time I’ve seen people “gathering in the air.” My first Rapture dream, it was the very first time I saw Jesus and it was glorious. I even cried in the dream because this long awaited event was finally taking place. He was so big coming through the clouds that I was in “awe!”

    My teenage daughter always sees angels. I really thought she was exaggerating until I read what you wrote. She definitely is not from this world either and even mentioned the angels are her friends.

    May the Lord Bless you ever more!

  3. The message that The LORD wants me to give to The Church is that, He is coming — and too many of us are still not ready.

    Many will be left behind simply because they did not search His Word for The Truth that He will call His Bride from the earth. SISTER Mena

    YES I have heard seen MANY teachings and preaching about the rapture, Christ returning SOON WE don’t KNOW the day nor HOUR LIFE has severely CUT broken AWAY apart due to pandemic and pressures to b vaccinated it is no coincidence towards the FUTURE when AFTER the BEAST (NEW WORLD leader and HIS government) will announce AROUND THE WORLD to be MARKED WITH HIS digital six six six imprint. It’s HAPPENING ALREADY…YES it is! As the vaccine so will this beastly Mark…it will be barcode with parts social security, date of birth including 666 in order to track and monitor one’s whereabouts. This is ALSO HAPPENING NOW.

    I AGREE with Sister Mena MSG…some INCLUDING the church are DISTRACTED, misled, self absorbed and unprepared. The GLORY of GOD& HIS WORD DEPARTED to much compromise and fear crippled the affairs for the GOSPEL.☝☝☝⌚⏰

  4. Thank you for sharing the vision and your spiritual experiences from your childhood on. I appreciate when brothers and sisters give more or less insight into their backgrounds, senses, motivations, sharing at least parts of their biography. This makes us authentic. Although we are heaven-bound, we all had and still have earth time… but waiting earnestly for that Twinkling-of-an-eye-moment.

  5. Mena Lee, if you see this message, please pray for me. I am had so many rapture dreams and vision yet I haven’t ascended in them as you did. It’s so scary. Now just like you did, I’m about to disturb the Lord Jesus this week to have a positive encounter in Jesus precious Name God Bless you. The time is closer than we think.

  6. Superb BLESSSSSSING MSGE, extending Your ♥♥♥GRACIOUS GODLY♥♥♥ experience, inviting
    our brother & sisters to read the last 14 paragraph to know ♥♥♥HIS LOVE now♥♥♥.
    Thank You Sister Mena In YESHUA’ Almighty Father who provide LIGHTS & Hope to all children of ♥♥♥HIS OWN CREATION♥♥♥ – AMÉN..!


    PS 113 & 122

  7. Rick Joyner writes,

    “In this experience, I suddenly found myself standing in front of a radar screen on a warship and the Lord Himself was standing right next to me. There was a blip on the screen that was straight ahead and coming closer very fast. In this experience, I ordered the ship to turn 90 degrees to the right to avoid the impending collision, but after we turned, the blip on the screen remained dead ahead and kept coming straight at us. I then ordered the ship to turn to the left to avoid the collision, but with the same result—it kept coming straight at us. I braced myself for the collision, but nothing happened. When I asked the Lord what that was He simply said, “That was the great tribulation, the great time of trouble. You can’t avoid it, but if you stay close to Me, you won’t even feel it.” Then the experience was over.

    The great tribulation, or time of trouble, is but a tiny blip on the radar screen of all that is coming. It is coming, and it is unavoidable, but if we stay close to the Lord, we do not need to fear it. As we are told in Daniel 11, even when the “abomination of desolation” (Daniel 11:31) is being set up, “the people who know their God will display strength and take action” (Daniel 11:32). When this happens, the people who know their God will not be passive; they will not be hiding; they will be here and they will be taking action!”


    There are 4 possible outcomes:
    1. Receive false – incorrect
    2. Receive true – correct
    3. Reject false – correct
    4. Reject true – incorrect

    I believe that Rick Joyner’s position is consistent with the POST-TRIBULATION RAPTURE. That is, I RECEIVE this TRUE revelation. Get your radars ready. Get your 16-inch (406mm) guns ready.

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