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  1. Good morning, I truly thank God for you and all the testimonies I’ve read; they are a confirmation of what the Lord has shown me through dreams, visions, and Him just speaking to me. April of last year, the Lord told me to tell my family to prepare for a terrible storm.  He reminded me to forewarn them again in November, last He just told me again a few days ago that this will no regular storm but one of a tsunami- a spiritual storm.

  2. I agree with the words of those who have already given their thoughts and dreams on this subject.  We must be ready — must get in line with God’s plans for the days ahead.

  3. Please watch this video below starting at the 16 minute mark.  David Hughes, a well known astronomer, who has been studying the Bethlehem Star for 30 years, believes that his research shows that the Start of Bethlehem was indeed the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn and that it happened 3 different times in one year:


  4. this is right on, another confirmation from the Lord. in the past month, I have received four dreams — one is from my wife, the other three are from fellow sisters in different countries– that all spoke about a major season shift is coming. of course, it is spiritual season, because God works in seasons not by days, month or years in the most cases. two of them gave details about the ministry I am serving at now, some of appointed martyred Christians are heading their way of martyrdom, and those who are not are going to the wilderness to hide. one dream is very interesting, depicting a scene of film casting. a group of actors (Christians) are casting a film or show, in the dream, the current casting is finished and they are assigned to another new show or film. they are supposed to change their outfit, clothes, or costumes, because it is a totally different film or show and of course you put on different outfit. however, most of actors (Christians in the dream) didn’t change at all and start their new casting with the old outfit. when it is asked why not change costumes? they simply answer: they don’t have enough time. the bible tells us: we put up a show in front of the world and angels, and the old film is over and the new is starting, meaning that the season change is at stake, different clothes could mean that we take different ministry, work, identity, function and role in the new season, unfortunately, most are not ready yet.

    • sorry I forget to tell the last dream which is even more explicit. in the dream: there is a big wedding event and all the audience are brides dressed in grown, the center stage is bigger than the usual wedding. our ministry leader is giving a speech at the center of the stage. she finishes her speech and is about to go down, and there is a voice speaking: the antichrist is about to come up to the stage.

  5. I always look forward to your teachings and prophetic insight, sister. The word of the Lord through your mouth is weighty and distinct. I receive the burden of our King on what you deliver. A voice like yours is rare. Thank you for yielding to the call.
    Amen. Blessings.

  6. Awesome revelation on the conjunction today/tonight.  Too many claim it’s the sign Yeshua was born at Xmas. 
    I agree, may we be rooted in Messiah, may we not be deceived by the wicked one, may our focus be constantly on Yeshua!  If it is, He’ll keep us in perfect peace.  HalleluYah!

  7. AMEN — it’s NOT the “Star of Bethlehem.”…The King of Kings was..HowEver..Conceived..during the Festival of Lights / Dedication / Hanukkah..&..Born DURING the Feast of Tabernacles..9 months later..!!!
    He is “the Light of the WORLD” — John 8:12
    He attended This Festival — John 10:22 in HONOR to His OWN DEDICATION…!!!
    ANYONE who CLAIMS to be a christian…MUST…FORSAKE & REPENT of the Pagan Holidays..!!

  8. This is a very interesting and informative article. I appreciate the research that went into writing it. I learned a good bit. Thank you so much for the posting and teaching. Have a very blessed day!

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