The Ripple Effect of the Donald Trump Presidency



It was a Californian friend and pro-Israel film producer who described how, during the 2016 US election campaign, he had witnessed the charismatic preacher of a Hispanic church invite Donald Trump to come forward, saying he believed God wanted to anoint the Republican candidate with wisdom for the task before him.  Like a self-effacing child, Donald Trump had opened his hands as he stood there to receive God’s favor and mercy.

“I have only wept four times in my life,” said my friend. “But when I saw Donald Trump humble enough to stand before this huge Christian Hispanic congregation to receive God’s favor and wisdom, I wept.”

Having prayed for quite some time under the LORD’s direction for Donald Trump, and having received confirmations from numerous servants of the LORD that this was the way to direct my prayers, I know there are many – among them Christian believers – who fail to fathom the enormity of what it will mean when this God-ordained man soon becomes, not just president of the great nation of the United States (which God used to restore Europe’s freedom by vanquishing the Nazis), but also, in fact, the main leader of the free world.

That Trump has selected a true born-again Christian in Vice President-elect Mike Pence – a gracious and humble man – and has included other believers in his cabinet-in-the-making and among his staff, shows that he will not hesitate to associate fully with conservative true believers in God.  This is also why Trump has asked Billy Graham’s son, Franklin, to officiate as spiritual leader at his inauguration.

Furthermore, a daughter of the president-elect is married to a gifted and astute orthodox Jew who Trump has appointed to be a senior adviser, especially in relation to Israel.  This is surely good news for Jews and Christians alike who value and love this unique and courageous reborn nation!

In short, President Donald Trump will not only give Israel a tremendous boost; he will also be an encouragement to those upcoming political leaders who, for the good of their own nations, wish to emulate the recent developments in the United States: not political and global correctness, but the preservation of what was once unique and beautiful in relation to each nation’s past – many of which were influenced by our Judeo-Christian heritage.

Among these leaders are those who voted for Britain’s exit from the European Union, and those in Norway who want their oil-endowed country to remain independent and not become part of the global union of nations.

It is my prayer that Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg, and her Minister of Finance Siv Jensen, whom I personally know to be devoted to Israel, will be used by God to steer their nation in the right direction!

This reality also bodes well for Geert Wilders, the leader of the Freedom Party – soon to be the largest political party in the Netherlands.  It promises to give a moral and political boost to the man wishing to preserve the Netherlands’s uniqueness instead of squandering it for a colorless, multicultural political correct nothingness!

Some time ago in my book, “Babylon or Jerusalem,” I stressed that healthy nationhood was God’s divinely created barrier against mankind’s globalist spirit, which is so evident and prevalent in many of today’s societies – making all men and women grey and unified citizens of this global village: earth.  This is what I wrote there:

“Gary Kah, author of the book En Route to Global Occupation, explains that the overriding purpose of the Bilderbergers, like that of its sister organisations the Council on Foreign Relations and the United Nations, “…is the establishment of a world government.”  Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, the group’s first chairman, wrote,

“Here comes our greatest difficulty.  For the governments of the free nations are elected by the people, and if they do something the people don’t like they are thrown out.  It is difficult to re-educate the people who have been brought up on nationalism to the idea of relinquishing part of their sovereignty to a super-national body… This is a tragedy.”
(Emphasis added.)

Adam Weishaupt, founder of the notorious Illuminati, a secret society created on May 1, 1776, wrote,

“With the origin of nations and peoples the world ceased to be a great family….  Nationalism took the place of human love.”  Again, we see the resentment against God’s erected barrier of nationality.  Epperson reveals Weishaupt’s belief in the need for a world government to replace national governments.

The League of Nations was formed after the First World War, and following World War II the United Nations was established.  Each time, the catastrophe of a global conflict was needed to force mankind into accepting that only through an international body or government could man ever hope to escape the seemingly endless cycle of wars and disaster.

Will it take a third world war or universal catastrophe for the international community to accept the Club of Rome’s blueprint – a world presidium or government often presidents (or kingdoms), into which the earth has already been portioned by those who believe they can bring about an end to man’s suffering?””

Let me add here that no people in the world has a more unique calling than Israel.  This nation has been set aside by God to be a light and example to others.  And much of the pressure exerted upon Israel by today’s international community, ardent supported by some leftists in Israel, is to get her to forfeit this unique national calling and so to become a grey particle of the coming world order!

Three other nations I will mention (which in no way is meant to exclude others) are Australia, South Africa and India.  Free of UN-directed anti-Israel sentiment, each of these has the potential to become a true friend of Israel.

Proud and willing, these nations could chart an independent, more honorable road, also in relation to Israel, thus reaping the divinely promised blessing for their future that He, God, will bless those nations that bless His people.

Having visited these three nations, I know that there is the capacity at work at this time for them to strengthen their political and economic ties to the nation of Israel. It is therefore a good thing that Benjamin Netanyahu plans to soon be the first sitting Israeli Prime Minister to visit Australia and Fiji!

How wonderful it would be if Australia, which already in regard to Israel stands out as not automatically willing to be counted among the politically correct crowd of nations, could muster the courage to follow Donald Trump’s decision to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and do likewise with Australia’s.  May God yet use former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott – who was deposed in 2015 – for this!

As they observe the harsh and rabid reactions of those Arab and Islamic nations who threaten violence and war in response to such moves, I hope that these spirited nations will once and for all make clear to the PA leadership and others that they will not – I repeat not – bow before such threats; not give in to this terrorisation and thereby honor violence in the way that so many nations have done and change their independent and courageous decisions!

The same goes for African nations like Kenya, Uganda and Southern Sudan who, especially after Prime Minister Netanyahu’s recent visits, have set their ‘ships’ on a new course in relation to Israel.

Concerning South Africa, it is noteworthy that whereas the increasingly unpopular and corrupt president of South Africa, ANC leader Jacob Zuma, refused to visit Israel, the upcoming and by many preferred Democratic Alliance opposition leader Mmusi Maimane recently did, demonstrating a trend that may soon spell out an entirely new alliance and relationship between South Africa and Israel should Maimane take power from Zuma.

India, as a result, also, of the ever increasing threat of Muslim aggression especially in relation to neighboring Pakistan and India’s own large Muslim community, has recently strengthened its ties with Israel on different levels.  Thus did India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently visit Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. May many of my Christian brothers and sisters in India, with their love and prayers, undergird this new move towards God’s people Israel.

Maybe there will in the near future be other nations, like Finland, the Philippines and other nations, who will follow suite in bringing their Embassies also to Jerusalem even if they know that there surely will be a backslash by many Muslim oriented nations to such a courageous move.

As God says clearly through His prophet, Isaiah (60:12), the nation that will not serve Israel will perish, while the one that blesses His people will reap all the benefits of doing so.  May that be the chosen way of many nations indeed!


~ Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director
International Christian Zionist Center

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Newsletter of January 16, 2016.

Republished with the kind permission of Author Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director of International Christian Zionist Center.

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