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A Time of Illumination & Brightness — 3 Comments

  1. I want to thank Chuck and HKP for this precious article.
    As sister Veronika sometimes states – she hasn`t the allowance to publish ALL what He showed her, because many would tear it down into pieces –
    I just can share so much: Be prepared ! We know not DAY or HOUR… but we know the TIME. Be prepared ! Hearing the trumpets, seeing the trumpets. Watching it right before our eyes. Hearing it right before our ears. Be prepared !

  2. Thank you Lord Jesus for your presence, comfort and guidance.
    We had an apostle visiting us in my hometown Uummannaq April 1991. He was walking on the sea ice and said, “There are seasons of winter, spring, summer and fall. If you want to have open sea in the wintertime, you will have to make a hole every time you want to fish. If you wait for the Lord’s timing, the ice will melt in a time appointed, then you can fish wherever you want”. We are now living in a great time.
    December last year, I was suddenly told to step out of His kingdom prophecy, the command was as serious as when the Lord told me to send a comment in Mathew storm season, to be bold and worship the Lord. So, I stepped out for some time, and I was sent to my spiritual Ein Gedi to rest. I was resting for quite some time, spending time with those I was born to be with and those I was sent to be with, in the presence of sweet Jesus. After some time, I could also go out and gain territory according to Luke chapter 4, then back to rest. Last Friday morning I was by a lake (I am in Denmark these days) then suddenly a flock of white birds arrived, after a while, they went on their way, all as one. After that, I received a lot of great triumphant smiles from angels for two hours, causing my surroundings to smile back.  Right, time to go on.
    The Lord is talking about Ezra chapter 3 to me these days, we are indeed facing awesome days. I have been awakened some early mornings to pray for and bless Israel, what amazing moments! Join me. May the Lord bless you all this year everywhere you go. Lucia Ludvigsen

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