The Rock of Offense


My people, as you walk along the pathway of life, at times you are approached by other brothers and sisters who carry a rock of offense.

They may suggest that you assist them in handling and managing this rock.  As you try to be sensitive, perhaps you touch it yourself.  Once engaged in conversation, this rock will fall and land at your feet, causing you to stumble and trip you up on the pathway.

It takes away your mobility.  There are no benefits to this rock, but once you have received it from your friend, it lodges, and causes you stumble on the pathway.

Others observe from a distance that you have received a rock of offense.  Apparently, they have some themselves and are eager to share their rocks with you.

Suddenly, you are approached by many people, all extending their arms forward and holding their rocks asking, “Will you touch this, will you share this burden with me?”

Unknowingly perhaps, you touch a few more.  Suddenly, they fall to the ground and begin to build a wall of isolation, a place that limits your movement and certainly stops you from going forward in the LORD.  What value do they have? There is none!

Be careful when people come and bring their offense.  Guard your heart that you do not touch it nor receive any of your own.  Encourage your friends to lift that rock towards heaven, and call on My Name.

Apply forgiveness, grace and mercy.  Be in prayer.  A sincere petition will cause Me to extend My hand down and crush that rock with My fingers.  It will turn to dust and blow away allowing you freedom to move.  The weight that holds you back will be lifted away from you.

Be careful not to be entrapped with offense.  Either climb over those rocks or go around them, but be careful to walk in the freedom and the liberty to which you were called.  For as you deal with these areas of offense according to what My Word declares, you will maneuver through life with My joy and My peace.


~ Doug Patterson

Doug PattersonDoug Patterson
is a Prophetic Warrior and Seer, often painting the visions given him by the LORD.  Doug ministers under an Apostolic Power Mantle resulting in Breakthrough, Healing and Restoration.  His Ministry, Power Encounters, equips and activates the saints to greater works in the Kingdom of God.  Doug and wife, Linda, are founders of Shekinah Restoration Centre and reside in Canada.

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