The Church in America is at their Red Sea


The Church [in America] is at their “Red Sea” [preparing to cross over into miracles/ revival separation].

I awoke a few minutes before 3:00 a.m. [January 15, 2017] and heard the LORD say, I have something to say.  Getting up, I got a pencil and paper and begin to write what I heard Him say.

Immediately I knew He was talking to me about America and the coming inauguration and events that were fixing to happen or could happen [certain choices are made by those who would cause trouble].

I was not expecting to hear Him talking then about the crossing of the Red Sea, but nonetheless, I heard Him say, watch as I sweep them away in the sea (He was referring to the account of the Red Sea and when the Pharaoh’s army was swept away).

I remembered then reading in a recent news article, about how the people who were against Trump were planning to protest and demonstrate at the inauguration.  It then was brought back to my mind how the Pharaoh in Egypt did harden his heart and go after the people of God who had left Egypt under the leadership of Moses.

I heard Him then begin to talk about His body the church [His people], and how they were coming to a desert of separation, and how talk would not work, only faith.  He begin to talk about how His Church, His body was now standing with their back to the Red Sea and were fixing to cross over to the desert place [the same sort of place where the children of God who came up out of Egypt went into and experienced in the exodus story.

Now the Church would enter a very special time, a great time of testing for sure and a time of separation [separation of those who do not fully walk by faith from those who do walk by true faith].

The only detail I heard him speak about for this day coming was that [there was a mixed multitude and that there was now going to be a day of separation and cleansing, and that the day coming would be a day of great miracles and provision such as not seen before, even greater than the first.

[The latter would be greater than the first and that the coming days would be filled with many signs, wonders, and gifts of the holy spirit to the place that the church would stand up into revival].

Now the word He said to me to write down:

“I have done that which is impossible.  You must know, for you can see My mighty hand in the land.  Oh blind eyes be opened, oh stubborn hearts now crumble.  Admit it, oh just say it!:  I AM that I AM have worked My work, yet you do not fully understand.

I AM able to make My Pharaoh now fall, see him hit the ground; he is not yet, he remains stubborn and defiant.

Did I not have to touch him?  And how did I touch him?  Don’t you see how he hardened his heart?  I did move him.  Headlong he fell within My plans; headlong his pride did drive him.  Down he fell in rushing waters all around – oh, see his chariots swept away!  Defeated for ever having nothing left; I did touch him.

Did I not mention I placed him directly in the path of my people on purpose?  Did I not set him up [to be] Pharaoh just for that season?  See and know, oh Obama man, you and your Clinton: down you fall beneath the flood and all your army with you!

Stop and see My people; stop and know your great I AM.  Oh, see me in the rushing waters as I flood them down.

The enemy could not cross over but perished.

To the bitter end he hardened; oh his army vainly fought, yet he did not govern nor did he exalt.  Do read forever in My Book, read His story over again and again.  Know I AM the God who never changes, I AM that I AM!

Now you stand upon the red sea shoulders [banks] looking out across impossible waters; oh see me part in two the mighty sea and my people walk free!  Upon the dry ground [dry because water was my judgment and it did not touch you].  You walk away from all of Obama land.

Sing praises of mighty conquest!  Sing as they fall, yes all, Egypt fell headlong, yet rejoice they did!

Oh understand the election: see how mighty it was.  No Pharaoh could hold them from My mighty hand.  Even the unbelievers watched Pharaoh fall and all the army with him.

Oh, see My people walking free.

Oh, see them as they journey into the desert land of great provisions, into the victory way!

Oh now know that where you’re going, My people, is an impossible desert land.

Oh, you will have to fully trust Me to drink in that barren land.

Oh, what will you eat, you are so many?

Oh, what will you say to the angel food  [My manna]?

Now comes the real separation of just who you are, for now all talk is worthless.  Now only true faith will work.

Why stand ye here gazing; yes just trust Me!  I will win again.  I will bring My Moses and Joshua leading you to:

My revival land!”


Scriptures the LORD says to place with this word:

Exodus 14 and 15 [please read these two chapters for understanding]

I know the Church in America will now go into their desert lands of testing.  Yes, I hear a time when “not America as such” but the Church of the LORD will find themselves in a similar position as Israel was in their desert past the red sea; with only faith in the LORD and his provisions to bring them through to the other side.

In this desert land, I hear Him talking about His supernatural provisions and the miracles. The days now following the inauguration will be days when he said to me: now we will find out just who they are…..

He spoke of separation.  Many who came up out of Egypt were of a mixed multitude.  In the midst of Israel was many who did not fully believe, and they were confronted in the desert wandering.

This time of separation and testing will be the greatest time ever experienced by the people of God.  Because, in the desert they saw miracles and provisions first hand.  They literally did walk with the LORD and see His mighty hands.

I have posted this word as I have been instructed.  I move in obedience to say it as He commanded.


~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey
The light will shine in His glory… In the desert.

Ken DeweyEvangelist/ Prophet/ Pastor Ken Dewey is the founder ofOUT OF THE DESERT MINISTRIES in Belen, New Mexico, USA.  He writes on this Web Site, many Prophetic words,  Sermons and teachings while leading people into true church settings and preaching in an End Time Gospel Tent Ministry.
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