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America: The Rose Garden Dream is Unfolding — 11 Comments

  1. “Be still and know that I am God.” was spoken to me almost three years ago right before a prayer meeting. It changed our prayer meeting, my life and my outlook on the size and will of God.


    Worthy art Thou to take the Book
    And to open the seals thereof
    It’s a Book that forthtells Victory
    That unveils the One Who is Love
    The One Who by His Spirit
    Will soon put on display
    Out of every kindred tongue and nation
    A Kingdom that’s coming to stay
    They’ll be Reigning right here in the now and now
    Not just in the sweet bye and bye
    Establishing the Rule of the One Who is True
    Wresting control from the one who is a lie

  3. I so wish I had your gift .  In the meantime as I pray for such guidance I thank you for sharing here.  I have left Facebook.  This is where I need to find you.

  4. Thank you for standing firm on what God has revealed to you. We MUST stand and see the salvation of the Lord! Praise Him, for He IS faithful.

  5. Nothings changed. God will do what God will do. His ways are higher than ours, etc, and even if things work out different to what was thought, His word does not return unto Him void, but accomplishes that which it was designed to do.  He is not a man that He should lie nor a son of man that repent (do a U-turn), has He not spoken? And shall He not make it good?  And so we continue to trust, believe and pray for Him to ‘make it good’. Numbers 3.19. Shalom. Mary

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