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  1. Sister, this speaks volumes to me, right NOW. I want to explain it with a few words: For Christmas I bought for myself a natural seldom fragrance, not easy to get. Just a little flask of 9 ml. Tonight, before I went to night shift, caring from the old year into the New Year for a senior lady (I type this during midnight hour on the guest sofa) I have put on this very beautiful fragrance with the name “pomegranate noir”. It smells like a firework of chosen ingredients. Yes, this all is of GOD’s creation.
    To save battery on phone I just opened the topic article from you before trying to get 1 hour of sleep. I appreciate you and I know you are the wife of Ken. So to you goes out my last comment in 2020.
    A confirmation word about sadness and grieving: I got a phone call today from a client, usually this is not allowed but she had the number since months when I had to call her for a delay. She called me first time ever, yes, in this late hour tonight… December 31, to tell me, she thinks about me, and her daughter’s name is Marion, too. She told me I should not grieve ! She added, her partner and she appreciate my work and they are gladly looking forward to see me again in January, they have got the schedule from office and are happy to see me again. I thought ” Wow, thank You, LORD !” Yes, there are far more FOR me than against me, as another loving sister often stated. Sending you blessings in the name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

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