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Warning: Beware the ‘Angel of Light’ — 5 Comments

  1. My interpretation of this word is that there is a danger that Christians entertain a false mercy towards those who are irredeemably wicked, which would allow them to escape full human justice and thus to regroup to fight another day. I pray that God will intervene to impose His justice and His mercy on earth for the sake of us all. We also need to pray that President Trump gets the right Christian advisors or else none and directly hears from Him.

    • Mark Roberts, I am inclined to agree.  There is a messenger named Dr Patricia on youtube and she received a word indicating that Obama would go to prison for extortion but his sentence would be commuted.  This is bad and seems to fit within your interpretation.  She also indicated a message from the Holy Spirit that Pence would serve 2 terms.  This word came in May 2020 before we have learned that Pence has skeletons as well.

  2. Es una gran puerta escrita para la familia de habla hispana.
    Nos perdemos muchas Palabras profética que no están escritas.
    Hay posibilidad de que los vídeos sean traducidos o subtitulados en español?
    Dios les bendiga aún más!
    Estamos en el muro armados y vestidos resistiendo y avanzando
    Somos un sólo pueblo.
    Muchas gracias a todos

    HKP Admin – Google Translate: “It is a great written door for the Spanish speaking family.
    We miss out on many prophetic Words that are not written.
    Is it possible for the videos to be translated or subtitled in Spanish?
    God bless you even more!
    We are on the wall armed and dressed resisting and advancing
    We are one people.
    Thank you very much to all”

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