The Shaking Has Begun and It Will Only Intensify! — 5 Comments

  1. 90 percent of the children being kept without their parents on the boarder were abandoned by their parents.  Trumph ordered the pentagon to build good housing for these children.

    • Exactly! The news is bringing to light an issue that has been going on for years, presenting it as if it’s something new. Selective information to prove their liberal agenda. Trump is doing what is necessary to protect America and help those in (ACTUAL) need.

  2. Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ for whom all things were made.
    And thank you for your courageous brother Stephen, who continues to speak a most unpopular message.

  3. Actually some of you seem to think this message about immigration and the recent issues that have come to the forefront in the news. This message isn’t about that, nor is it about Trump. It is about the shaking that God is bringing about in our land and throughout the globe. Thank you.