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  1. Hi Deborah – Please pray for my husband Sam who’s on Dialysis for past 12yrs, and had couple strokes. Currently he’s bed bound. Kindly Please email a prophecy as God leads you. I often visit this website and read your posts.

    In Christ

  2. Father’s Eyes… sometimes I have seen them in the past years, and so again yesterday, on the brightest new morning of the year, the day of another astronomical time shift.
    I saw His face, and He smiled.  I have seen lion faces, lamb faces, and appearances like human faces.
    and psalm says: Seek His face / Seek My face. 
    I did not plan this and I do not run around only looking heavenwards.  Surely, first of all I always sought in His Word, since the first time I held a big old family Bible in my hands.
    I still remember how I was surprised what I read and what I thought: “This must be made known to all people – why does nobody speak about God’s Book or the words inside ?”
    Decades later now – whenever I enter a house or a church, I am looking where the Bible is.
    I made the experience that the Holy Book can’t be often seen in Catholic homes.
    We have from Lutheran & Catholic descendants.  And when I saw a Bible on a shelf, I asked if I can open it.
    To one “religious” and in the past very prideful family I once said clear but not in anger, that they should take the new, unused gold-framed Bible out of the shelf and read it.
    This sadly brought me harsh responses… but the Lord knew my intentions. 
    So “who is nothing worth in the homeland”…?  Neither I ever said “I am a prophet, listen to me” nor did I plan or dare to think I am called to be one.
    Later here and on many other places people said to me, I would speak like a prophet.
    Some with provocative questions, some with a true sense of respect in their questions.
    Anyhow – I am serving the LORD, still reading the Bible “with fear and trembling” but more often with joy and in awe before Him.
    When I see His eyes / face in the sky, or when I see His angels, or whenever I am surrounded by His Glory – I know He gives me loving & caring signs and confirmations, and sometimes warnings.
    It all started with the “Fear of the Lord” and the respect for His Word, written in the Holy Bible.

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