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The Snake is Removed! — 8 Comments

  1. Hallelujah, Wow, what words, Spoken this day for me. I receive it as my very own indeed so. Thank you for your words of life, awesome loving Father God. I hear.
    I hear. I hear you. Thank you. Thank you, an easing of my present situation. Yes,
    Glory to God !!! Hallelujah !!!

  2. The Lord has blessed me through you. I have felt these evil tentacles attaching to my neck, chest, and back. I was in a store and actually had to lie down on the floor as it was crushing me, like a strong spirit of death. I actually wrote a quick makeshift will on an envelope when I got my bearings and drove home, just in case I didn’t make it. But the Lord kept whispering to me that it had no authority over me, it was just an attack. In two days, I am having lunch with a Muslim girl who is so drawn to me and opening up.  I have prayed and fasted for something that concerned her, and it miraculously came to fruition for good. She knows it was my Lord, and not her false god Allah who helped her, as I promised her I would fast and pray when she was so upset, and her hopeless situation was miraculously settled! Please pray for me, as I know this awful spirit wants to prevent me and try to snuff out my life before then. And the Lord keeps telling me “As if!!” As if indeed. You have no idea what your post has done for me. Thank you and praise our Lord and King for leading you and for your obedience in writing. Please pray for this beautiful woman to receive Jesus, and that her entire clan would come to know Him.

  3. I have been under demonic attack for over 5 years. Recently I said to my husband after church service that I felt like I was battling good and evil, and both were vying for my life.Well, my hope and faith are
    in my Lord. Thanks for the word.

  4. The devil tried to kill my spirit through my father n laws wife.  I would wake up and not be able to feel my body, it felt like the life had been sucked out of me, I could hardly make it through the day, sometimes I felt ‘something’ around my neck and would wake up trying to get it off.  Many things came against my family.  It was obvious that she was the access through which the enemy was working against us.  I have been fighting this battle a very long time, through much fasting, praying, confessing, almsgiving, praying for her and had started crying out to die. Thank you for reassurance that God is the God who really sees and when He sees He does.  Amen

  5. My dear sister Deborah ! To you is my first response on the 3rd day of my journey. I am in InterCityExpress train now and have WiFi again. The data package I had for this journey was rapidly exhausted. I will read all articles step by step when back home. Yes, all evil spirits, visible, invisible, audible or in any form, must shut up, must go DOWN !

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