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The Sound of The LORD’s Justice Shall Ring Loud and Clear! — 5 Comments

  1. The squeeze is putting much pressure on the wicked we are really seeing pressure build in Europe where so many of these elitist ideals began. Now the shortages lack and sayings, the years of plenty are all gone we must forge ahead the new green, vaccinations are the right way. For all that love the idea of tribulation and suffering for all that are looking for the beast and judgement look no further here he is this is what things look like when the devil is running things (pause and think hard on this point) For those who are awake and know there always is a way of escape do not think rapture wrong time, strap on your armor get your thinking right and open your mouth and decree and declare plenty, prosperity, goodness and revival. God is sweeping the earth this is not the beasts time this is our time the church the bride of Christ God has decreed war on all darkness, to all evil and the wicked net zero not a 30percent reduction but a 100 percent reduction you can watch and see but it is much more exciting riding the wave!

  2. It’s game time! The remnant has prayed and we have positioned ourselves, planned our strategies and prayed and we will, of course, continue to pray. The mighty move of God is upon us and only the ones who are completely given over to darkness will not see that it is Him. May all the Glory go to Him.

    Thank you Father for intervening in this hour among the nations. Thank you for remembering your covenant with America. With your last minute heroics, it will be saved and wicked governments and leaders around the world will take a mighty fall. Thank you for your prophets and Veronika especially who has helped bring a relationship with you like I never would have had, through your son Jesus. I’m so thankful for the Prophets who have faithfully stood ground on your word and expressed it with great courage in the face of the enemy. Amen

  3. Let God arise & let His enemy be scattered. Father, you’re a God of justice. Let your justice ring out loud & clear once more for all the nations to hear & fear you our God. Father, shield your vessel Veronika, her family and her ministry. Thanks

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