The Source of True Love


In life, I have learned that True Love isn’t flowers, chocolates, romantic nights, midnight suns, or candlelight.  These are mere moments that are only here for that time and space, but then are easily swept away by the cares and troubles of tomorrow.

No, I have learned that TRUE LOVE is when you can look into the eyes of that other, and see HIM (Yeshua).

But one will never come to terms with this unless they have first come face to face with the one who is Love.  The reason why people struggle to love in life, is because they’ve never surrendered to Love.  And the bible tells us that YHVH-God is Love.  That Love is deed and truth.  And for God so LOVED the world, that He first gave.

I have learned that True Love is when the other says  “I Love You” and you can’t tell the difference between their voice and the voice of the Lords…

And yes, this kind of Love can and does exist today between between a man and a woman. So Today, Be Loved.

“I have found the one whom my soul loves,” Song of Solomon 3:4.


Shabbat Shalom
~ Mena Lee Grebin

Mena Lee GrebinMena Lee Grebin of Faithful Walk Healing Ministries operates in the office of a prophet, and ministers, counsels, mentors and prays for anyone who is in need of Christ’s eternal love.  Her purpose is to bring His {Jesus Christ} truth and light to a lost generation.

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