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  1. Would your prophecy have us come together on abortion, transgenderism, moral depravity? I wish what you say was possible truly, but what would the fulfillment practically look like that wouldn’t be a watering down of the revelations of God to man?



  2. In the midst of the Shaking-Father we Thank You for Your unconditional LOVE for us that covers a multitude of sins. Thank you for Your Mercy & Grace and Help us to Always TRUST Your HEART when we can’t always TRACE Your HAND! Isaiah 55:8 reminds us that- “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways.”. We Trust You Lord because You DO ALL Things Well, Nothing takes you By Surprise & YOU WILL Always Have the FINAL WORD, Regardless of what takes place Here on Earth.  You are a Sovereign God and you do what you want, and You hold the Heart of Man in your Hand…Let Your Kingdom Come Unto Us This Day & Thank you that You Still RULE and REIGN above man!

  3. “Gorgeous prophecies?” Indeed, watch and wait and see Janice. However, there are indeed some who have made this man into an idol. In just reading some of the accounts here and how it has stirred anger, one can begin to see this. Watch and wait. Time has a way of settling these things.

  4. Mark Lynn jenson, I am quite careful, but speak only what the Lord gives me. Rather, those who said that Trump would win are the ones that need to really reconsider what they have said.

  5. Watch and wait, as even most of the Republicans know who won this election. It should be obvious. Never in history has a sitting president not conceded given the length of time that has transpired. Almost all of the legal attempts at considering there were illegal votes has been proven wrong. It’s time to move on folks.

    • I stand corrected and apologize for I missed a huge point in your statement. You said, “Never has a sitting president”, operative word being “sitting”. That’s certainly true no sitting President has ever refused to concede a loss. I would have deleted my comment were it an option.

      That notwithstanding the HRC statement is fact. Would you still be telling Biden to concede were the shoe on the other foot? Also not to worry, I won’t be responding to anymore of your prophecies unless I’m prompted to by the Holy Spirit. I sincerely pray that’s not the case. Have a great weekend!

  6. Hmmmmmmm let God be true and every man a liar. Whose report would you believe??? Who is it that sayeth a thing and it cometh to pass when the Lord hasn’t said it????
    We shall behold the salvation of the Lord shortly. Adonijah and Absalom enthroned themselves but God’s will of Solomon prevailed. The Nathan’s and Gads are praying. Let the counsel of Ahitophel become foolishness and let Adonijah and Absalom be exposed,shamed and hanged. False prophets and wizards in clerical using divination and enchantment will be destroyed by the Elijah’s of the land. We serve a God who rules in the affairs of men. Truth,respect, unity, mercy and peace will surely prevail over the abominations and atrocities being perpetrated in the land in the name of freedoms. It is time we call what God has rejected evil and stop sugar coating it.

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