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The Things GOD Has For You: Are Laid-up & Prepared, Revealed & Released By His SPIRIT — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you, Man of God for this timely and powerful word. It is full of revelation that I will definitely add to my arsenal. This is very helpful and I appreciate you hearing from God and giving this word.

  2. Apostle Jacob, thank you for this on time prophetic words & prayers to destroy every satanic power & recover every stolen things by Satan/ his cohorts through the powerful precious blood & authority in the name of Jesus Christ.  Christians need to know that with the help of the Holy spirit through the precious blood of Jesus Christ we can achieve anything by faith. I am praying the powerful prayers inserted Sir.  This brought to mind the vision of the man with bleeding hands in a bus that each time he looked deeply(compassionately) at me, the blood flowed & I shifted. When out of pity I asked him how long he has carried this wound; he said “FOR A VERY LONG TIME” as his voice echoed. Next, I asked him why did he not go to the hospital but he didn’t ans me rather he looked at me compassionately & the blood flowed again. For the last time, he fixed his eyes on me & from nowhere I saw a woman sitting in between me & him. He then raised the chorus “The blood of Jesus set you free from sin & sorrow; the blood of Jesus set you free (3x). I joined him & the woman singing the 3rd time & they disappeared. I stepped out of the bus looking for the man but couldn’t find him. End of vision. This I had shared before here on HKP but a reminder that the blood of Jesus is still active, potent & alive.

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