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Perfect Law of Obedience — 13 Comments

  1. Obedience comprises our love, compliance, heed, faithfulness, honor/respect & evey needful things for our creator, His son, Holy spirit, His words, His servants, kingdom business required of us His children. There is a big reward for obedience by God. May God help us to obey His words, laws/ways in Jesus name. Thanks Mama.

  2. My sweet friend, Joyce Your sweet transparent heart spews out “I love with all my soul and all my heart”…such a beautiful word. You are living proof of “freely I receive, freely I give”..so blessed to know you and receive that unconditional love that flows so freely for the lost as well as His chosen family of God. Hugs, love and blessings, xoxo Sandi

    • Your comment sis about made me cry, it touched me so deeply. Thank you for your kind words and friendship, Sandi. I love you sis.

  3. Sister, thank you so much for sharing your love for God with everyone you come in contact with. God bless you and your ministry and your family and your loved ones always.

  4. Joyce,
    So much LOVE flowing through this and yet OBEDIENCE is something so many struggle with as they walk down the path they’ve chosen. 

    They oftentimes dont realize how much they will GAIN through OBEDIENCE & how much they will LOSE through WILLFULNESS, SELF-RELIANCE, & PRIDE.

    This is a VERY ON-TIME WORD & MUCH NEEDED in the Body of Christ as many struggle through waiting for GOD to move.



    • Beverly you are so spot on!
      The obedience is so very important.
      If many people only knew what blessings we can walk in. There is so much freedom in the Spirit as we obey.
      I love you sister and thank you.

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