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The Time of Transformation — 4 Comments

  1. WOW! Thank You LORD- YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD GOOD FATHER! Bless You Deborah!! Thanks Cheri,- What a wonderful testimony- veliving for a Sudden any Moment Answered Prayer for You! ☝

  2. Lord Jesus, Abba Father, Holy Spirit, Deborah….THANK YOU!!!!
    A couple years ago while still in the “waiting” I woke up to another day of hopefullness, but sadness at the disappointment of yet another expected healing and deliverance deferred. In obedience, and sincere Love for my Beautiful Redeemer, I went for my morning walk. I passed a lady who was walking her dog. I said “hi, it’s just Beautiful out isn’t it?” She said, “Yes it is, there’s always something new to see.” As I kept walking, a bit sad and heavy hearted, I heard her come up behind me with ‘Good Good Father’ playing on her phone. I told her how much I love that song, she put her hand out as if to hand me something, I opened my hand and she put the most beautiful monarch butterfly I’d ever seen in my hand. I said, “Oh it’s beautiful,” as I went to hand it back she said, “The Holy Spirit pointed it out to her in the grass and told her to give it to me. It was dead and the wings were completely blown back but still it was beautiful. I took it to Church with me that morning to share the testimony, and as I walked to my car to leave after the service the butterflies wings went back into position and it lept from the vase it was in onto my hand and flew to the top of the tree!!! A week or so later I decided to walk that same trail and looked to see the name of the street is MONARCH TRAIL!!!! This is a True Story!!! I had to share.
    Our God is SOO Good!! I’ve been waiting so long Deborah!! I claim this Word today for myself…and I thank you!! Bless your beautiful heart!! :)

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