The Tragedy of Dysfunction


One of the hardest things to confront, is when you find out, many things are not what you thought they were.  What do you do, when you realize, some of the things you were taught, are not even true.  Most all forms of recovery, teach that it is beneficial to look back down the road, from where you have come; it’s healthy.  We’re not talking about wallowing in the past, or living in regret.  It’s when sweeping things under the rug, or pretending it didn’t happen, just doesn’t work anymore.

I think about some of the things we were taught, and sometimes, I can’t believe it.  Growing up, we learn from our parents.  We are not born disliking a particular group; we did not start out pointing fingers at other people or frowning at those who do not believe exactly as we do.  It’s all learned.  I don’t wish to ride a bad horse further down, but if we never truly studied the Word of God for ourselves, we only know what other people told us.  We learned at home.  Our parents’ likes and dislikes, their beliefs, most often became our own, and we even passed those things down to our children.

This idea of putting on a face, no matter what, ruined some of us.  Did you ever stop to think, how many brothers and sisters at church, were hiding.  It wasn’t always that they were covering up some indiscretion; they were hiding what was going on at home; even how they were being treated by family members who claimed so much.  And no one needs to tell me I’m just judging others.  Putting on, at church, has destroyed a lot of children and young people.  And being loyal to dysfunction, wraps chains around us.

If I’m judging another horse, forgive me.  When any kind of church attempts to operate, any other way than the way God set it up originally, it does not take long, before it begins to dysfunction.  See, many of our young people today, have turned us off.  They are not from a generation, that covers up things and remains loyal, to what does not work for them.  I am led to say something, that is going to ouch some folk.  There is not going to be any dynamic revival among us, if we don’t begin to be honest about our journey.

We’ve always said, you can’t play church.  We once believed that no one could or should, change the order of what God ordained; but many have.  We’ve lost power.  Our own children and grandchildren, have most often not seen the mighty works of the Spirit.  Too often, we never became, what we claimed we were.  This refusing to operate things the way they were intended; of preventing the full ministries God set in the church, left open a door, for those who desire to suppress and control the Holy Ghost.  Christ, will not have it this way.  His Body, will be restored; one way or another.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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