It’s time to fight in this Revolution

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It’s time to fight in this Revolution

Because of the apostolic perception and mentality that God has placed upon me, I cannot allow the forces of hell to stop the movement of God that is saying, “it’s time to fight in this revolution that is going on in the earth.”

The Ruach of God, the breath, mind, or spirit of God, that contains the winds of God, is going forth in the land and settling upon His vessels now!  The Apostles in this hour have the backing of the four winds of God.

The east wind that will come and curse and destroy every demonic confederacy in operation.  To bring judgment to the false apostle prophets witches warlocks.

The south wind will bring the provision for the work of the vision.  It will bring blessings wealth and favor to provide for the operation of God’s Kingdom.

The west wind that removed hinderances and bring deliverance to bring salvation to break yokes and chains.

The north wind that brings in the presence of God to perform the word of God that produces the supernatural miracles and wonders and signs of His presence.  That brings in the glory of God that produces the hungry thirst and brokenness in us.

The Prophets in this hour will judge matters and speak judgment upon the sin not the person but the sin that is being done.  The terror of The Lord is released in this hour to bring the fear of The Lord back upon the people to repent and turn from their wicked ways.

In this season, my only desire is to please God and Him only.  A YES, in this season will be so intense it will bring warfare and persecution and extreme opposition from the church and the world.

You can’t back down in your position –  obey God no matter the cost.  Don’t bow to Baal.  Don’t give over to the peer pressure to back off sin.  Don’t compromise.  Don’t settle.  Don’t be distracted.

Watch decoy words, set to pull you out the will of God.  Don’t let nobody hold your past over your head –  keep moving.  Don’t react to the criticism or persecution of the enemy.  Know who you are and walk in it.  Don’t surrender your mandate, your mission, your vision, to keep imaginary peace with people.

The Spirit of The Lord says your yes, is priceless in this hour.  Those that receive you when God sends you, will be blessed.  Those who don’t, shake the dust off your feet.  God will deal with them.

Don’t allow carnality, or your flesh, to make you deal with matters.  Walk in the Spirit at all times, when dealing with any situation.  It’s imperative that you remain humble yet strong.

God is moving in the earth.  Judgment is here, along with the blessings of His word.  Stay in the secret place of fasting and prayer.  Again, I hear the Spirit of The Lord say, Don’t be moved by words or actions.  Remain focus determined and obedient.

The most fierce warfare is being unleashed, but so are the most fierce warriors of God!

Hold your peace until God releases your tongue, then open your mouth and speak what He says.  Don’t be fearful.  Don’t be a coward.  Don’t let nobody provoke you out of your timing and season.

\God has released His anointing and power and with His Spirit, the words that He speaks, shall come to pass!

Get ready.  Your real enemies are about to show up now, and they are not wearing dresses or pants suits or collars, but they are demonic forces, dressed in human flesh, to attempt to deceive you, so they can destroy and kill you!   Be watchful.

Encountering demonic forces assigned against us

Two nights ago, as I was in prayer, I encountered a demonic force that spoke to me and said, if you win one more soul I’m going to kill you.

Well, my warrior instinct went crazy, because I don’t like to be threaten and especially when it comes to the things of The Lord.  I fought until I grabbed it and snapped the head off of it.

We don’t fear anything that satan brings when we know God is on our side.  Yesterday in prayer, I begin to intercede for some of the people of God.  As I was praying, I saw umbilical cords attached to these persons, but I saw a sword come from the heavens and begin to slice these cords and disconnect these persons from them.

The Spirit of The Lord spoke and said,  I have completely set them free from the thing that has connected them to their past their struggles the inner agony and issues that have kept their lives bound.  He said, Now they will begin to progress in life they will begin to experience prosperity and they will grow spiritually. They are free!

This morning I was watching for the sun to come up, and the Spirit of The Lord spoke again and said, The word curses the unrighteous prayers that have come from the mouths of those who are enemies, shall not cause havoc in the lives of those whom they were sent against.  He said, Too many are operating in witchery and saying it’s the Holy Ghost.  They are raising up against the end-time voices, but it will not prosper against them.

The spirits of jealousy and sabotage is set in the heart of many, and they have said they will kill those that are chosen in this hour, but He said, He has set angels to guard these vessels against these assaults.

In this hour, as God begins to move and position you, expect opposition to arise.  Realize your battle is not against flesh and blood but spirits sent out to destroy you.  Don’t allow anything to distract you in this season much shall rise up.

The Lord keeps dealing with me about Nehemiah Joshua and David.  As Nehemiah was building and rebuilding, opposition arose to challenge the work he had been commissioned to do.  He refused to be distracted from his course and did not stop until he completed his assignment.

Joshua was in a dilemma because it was time to go forth, but he was yet holding on to Moses image.  God spoke to him and let him know that he could not move forward until he came out the mindset of the past . In order to receive the promise, he had to realized that he was capable of going forward and it was time to separate from that mindset.

When he understood it was time to fulfill his assignment, God spoke confidence into him, and allowed him to face his greatest challenge, and conquer it, as soon as he entered the promise land.

David was not considered capable of being anointed, but God chose him.  He had to go serve his enemy, in order to be develop in character, and to learn how to always depend on God to fight his battles.  He knew he was anointed to be king, but refuse to do anything that would disrupt the timing and season of God.  His life is a lesson of humility and faithfulness learning how to persevere through trials and test facing opposition from leadership and family but yet holding on to the promise of God that he would be king.

These three men are prime examples to us and in their life stories, we learn the character, attitude and spiritual attributes that are necessary for us to complete our assignments.

Don’t be shaken by anything in this hour we are already victorious in all our battles!  Just continue to go forth do what God has given you to do and know that when God is for you He is more than whatever or whoever is against you!!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.


It’s time to fight in this Revolution — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for the word! This is powerful my beloved. I am uplifted and stirred in my spirit. Praise the LORD!

  2. Thanks precious Sister for this confirmations, which I have had in my spirit the last years about the importance to stand in obedience to the Lord’s commandments, despite every circumstances satan rises against us.
    When we resists in obedience (not depart from the love walk) the devil will flee.