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The Trickle Comes Before the Tidal Wave — 5 Comments

  1. Cor 15:46
    First the natural then the spiritual any thing happening before this week is natural and many will run to it thinking this is the great move of God. Because to them it feels spiritual because it is like what they are use to church. What is next is how it should be not how it has been. Spiritual most don’t really have any idea what this means. Thank God he does.

  2. Asbury University having God inspired move of Holy Spirit and revival not planned by any man. Now it is spreading 7 days after it started to other colleges and Universities. Praise the Lord for this repentance and worship based revival!

  3. I believe He’s been purifying my heart and preparing me for these days. Thank for this word from Him it’s such an encouragement to me.

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