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  1. Grace and Peace in thefellowship of the Holy Spirit. Scripture reminds us that a prophet is not without honour except among his own people. True prophets are not always welcomed. For the Lord raises them up to warn and prepare the hearts of the people. Our Lord will not do anything without first letting His Servants the prophets what are His plans and secrets.
    True prophets often spend times of intimacy with the Lord their God. They need to hear that which is God’s heart for the nations, peoples and church. Often they are awre of the iniquity committed. Then the Lord sends them to prepare the hearts, for the Good News of the Gospel. The Lord shows them what lies ahead.
    This is one of the many reasons that they are not popular. God’s True prophets will never agree with compromising God’s Word. Their hearts are after God’s Holy Righteousness.
    Their desire is for the Truth of God’s Word to be manifested!The Lord also lays upon their hearts a message of repentance!(Refer John the Baptist and Christ Jesus our Lord).

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