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The USA and Reflections on Innocence and wisdom — 7 Comments

  1. Long life to you, Elizabeth Cassutto.
    I hope that you have a happy and glorious year, and beyond.
    Here in the UK, Happy and Glorious is associated with wishing a monarch a long life, so maybe this isn’t a very independence minded prayer for your life but I did feel to write it! Haha, God has a sense of humour!

    I have a joke for you: my wife said yesterday, to my surprise, that for your birthday you should come and stay with us on the other side of the world (seems unrealistic though!). What does this mean? Well it means I think that people do really appreciate your words and ministry.

    • July 23, 2023

      Long Live King Jesus.

      Greetings to Mr.& Mrs. Adrian, across the Pond, as they say. I just happened to see (for the first time), today, your kind birthday greetings you sent me on July 4th. Thank you. I don’t know how to reply personally to you- so I am here. Feel free to contact me @shalomfriend@hotmail.com if you want. Blessings- Elizabeth

  2. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!  I also pray for our nation to find its way back to the country I remember she was in the days of my youth.  I have faith that evil will soon be defeated and the United States, one nation under God, will take its place and shine with all the glory of God.

  3. Yesterday as I, for about the 3rd time, wished a Happy Birthday to our Beautiful Nation, I thought “someone else is having a birthday as well on this glorious day”…and here you are, Happy Birthday!!
    I watched Pearl Harbor last night.
    The United States of America was sound asleep during that devastating attack, and I’m afraid we’re asleep again. But the Japanese Commander said something which I believe is significant for us right now, which is, “I fear we’ve awakened a sleeping giant.”
    Whatever it takes our Lord will have His Forerunning Nation polished and ready, not in our flesh or worldly strength, but by the Spirit that brewed over the waters of the Earth and demanded Creation to come fourth. Who can stop Him?
    God bless you beautiful lady!! :)

  4. Many of us share those memories of this great land. What a beautiful and rich history of faith and family. A belated Happy Birthday! HOPE is alive!

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