The warring power of the Holy Ghost is released

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Trust between Leaders

Trust between leaders is very fragile in this season.  So often leaders are trying to watch the back of a leader and will reveal confidential information to them that could be crucial to their ministry and that leader will turn on the one trying to protect them.

I’m seeing such a cut throat mentality going on in this hour between leadership.  Leaders playing leaders against each other or going to a leader to see if they can find something to use against another leader to discredit them.  We are such an insecure jealous manipulating generation of leadership.

God has called us to work together in the Body of Christ as a whole but our egos and prideful attitudes keeps us from functioning together.  1 Corinthians 12:4-6 says, “Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit.  And there are differences of administrations, but the same Lord.  And there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all.”

The Spirit distributes the gifts in the Body of Christ for their benefit not for us to think we are better than each other or to fight each other or to hold each other under some kind of oppression.  God didn’t anoint us to sabotage each other but to walk in unity.  That’s why now I’m looking at people and situations differently.

I refuse to let the world see the Body of Christ in disarray and I especially will not entertain them by attacking especially those in leadership before them.  This shows a weak governmental system in operation.  When the enemy sees discord among the ranks of authority he knows that he can infiltrate the army and bring destruction.

It’s a different warfare that takes place when leaders turn against each other because not only will the warfare hurt the leader but also those connected to that leadership.  We need to understand for real that all of us have an important part in the Kingdom of God and nobody has a reason to bite and devour anyone because we are all needful for the perfection of the saints.

Character, integrity, trust, love, respect and unity is what all of us in leadership should be walking in.

Attacks on the Minds  of His People

The Spirit of The Lord spoke to me and said there is an attack against the minds of the people.

The enemy is attacking and the attack is being directed in the frontal lobe giving people a demonic encounter with what they think is the spirit of God and this spirit is causing them to be throw into a psychological spiral of delusional outbursts against people.

He showed me a spirit in the form of a parasite eating away at the reasoning of the mind, causing a psychotic battle between insanity and a sound mind.  That’s why it’s so important for us to renew our mind and to strive to get our mind in alignment with God.

It’s not only the sinner having these outburst of anger but there are those in Christ who are being manipulated by satan because they didn’t secure their mind and renew their mindset.  It would seem as it these persons are bipolar or Schizophrenic suffering with a mental disorder when in fact they are dealing with a demonic spirit that has attached to their mind controlling their thoughts which causes them to act out.

I’m binding and rebuking psychological attacks psychotic enslavement coming against hurt anger rage rebuking and destroying fits of emotional outburst and bringing all thoughts into obedience to God’s will.  You have to be able to discern whether the warfare is a demonic spirit a chemical imbalance or a emotional trauma so you will know how to deal with what’s happening to the person.

Understanding warfare is something every Christian should be taught and trained in doing.  This attack on the mind is about to get ugly because the devil is stirring Christians into demonic realms of murder and suicide.  We must pray against this battle of the mind that is bringing people into bondage.

Praying more against this delusional paranoidal spirit that is coming forth strongly in the Body of Christ.  Being very watchful and listening and paying attention to the words and actions of people.  Just like people are going on killing sprees because of mind attacks in the world we must be on alert in the church.

Open doors of sin, unforgiveness, hate, jealousy, are doorways that can be used to control the thoughts of the mind and then satan can use those thoughts to cause people to act out in unusual ways mentally and emotional against others.  It’s truly praying more time.

Don’t let your mind be a tool the enemy can used to harm kill or hurt someone.  One wrong thought can cause you to react in a negative fashion.

Spirit of the Hag

God gave me this in prayer.  He said rebuke the spirit of the hag.

Some of you are connected to the spirit of the dead witch who died in your bloodline!  There are women who are astral projecting themselves trying to lurk in people homes.  Using black magic and saying God is in it.

Many persons are having experiences with this spirit were they are warring in their dreams but are waking up with the inability to move paralysed as if something is sitting on their chest.  This spirit also brings extreme fatigue with it because it comes to drain your life out of you.  It also will bring depression and serious illness or very serious natural conditions.

Those in ministry are getting intensely attack in this season waking up fighting for their life and breathe.  Praying and rebuking spirits out of your home asking God to seal all cracks and keyholes.

Spiritually, getting yourself cleansed, will bring deliverance.  Rebuking all connections and cutting all cords of acceptance to this spirit will bring deliverance.

and part 2:

Let me clarify about the spirit of the hag because I don’t want anybody to think I was talking about the actual person, but the spirit connected to the person  the demonic spirit is what is attacking.  Not the actual person!

And yes, there are bloodline line curses that have been imposed on some people that are destroyed by God.  We know the actual person is not taking over the person.  It’s the demonic force.

Had to clarify that for the Apostle who thought I was saying that a actual person is yet alive.  But I thank her because it helps me to walk in a greater excellence and makes me be more aware that there are persons that don’t follow me enough to know my spirit and the language I talk in.

The warring power of the Holy Ghost is released

I just heard the Spirit of The Lord say, The warring power of the Holy Ghost is released now to go forth to battle against every opposing force of adversity.

I heard Him say He is fortifying the mind and spirit of His sword carriers in this season.

I heard Him say beat your plowshares into swords sharpen your weapons of warfare arise from your rest oh mighty warriors for you are called into battle.

He is strengthen the weary and preparing them for war.

Many are being attacked and many are facing an increase of warfare right now.  I heard Him say, Cut off the head burn off the veins severe the arteries of the demonic attachments that there be no retaliation from the spirits that you shall destroyed.

As I was praying, I saw many with two edged swords, one in each hand, and God was instructing them how to cut the heads off.  They were swinging their swords and with one stroke they were destroying and annihilated an army of demons.

God would tell them which demon to destroy first, and then the other demons would become weak and easy to be eliminated.

He would point and say that is the strong-man and then tell them how to swing the sword to kill them.  Then He said to the person fighting charge and they would run into the midst of the demons destroying completely those that yet were trying to stand.  I heard Him say, I have taken away their fear and I have given them a new courage they will not be afraid to fight their enemies and kill the giants.

These persons called to war, never open their mouths to talk.  They just fought.  I asked God why are they silent?  He said, they are commanded to hold their peace so that the enemy will think they are afraid to fight, afraid to stand up.

He said, “These are the most dangerous warriors, because they are strictly under My orders.  They are silent but unmovable, they are silent but deadly, they are silent but obedient.  These vessels are only trained for action.”

I didn’t understand completely why many times, God would tell me to be silent, and tell me
don’t move, tell me not yet, it’s not time to go into warfare it’s not time to fight.

It was if He was waiting for a certain demon spirit to appear then He would say, fight.  I understand now, He wants us to see the strongman and attack and destroy him first, so He makes us endure the rookie attacks first.

What satan is doing is sending the imps to try and wear the warriors out so that when the strongman appears, they will not be strong enough to over power him.  That’s why God had these vessels just standing, and it would appear they were being beaten and hurt by the enemy, when in fact they was waiting on God for instructions and the command to fight.

Stay strong those that are called to stand as warriors in this battle now.  Don’t fight unnecessary to people it may seem as if you are being overtaken because you seem to be getting hit by the enemy but stand your ground.

God knows what you are enduring and He is allowing you to endure it.  Warfare strategy in the kingdom seems foolish to the carnal mind but if you obey The Lord you will win every time.

NOTE: Last night after church as we were talking one of the persons with me seem to raise their voice when I corrected them and before I could say anything one of the other women said STAND DOWN!  That’s a order to tell someone that is ready to strike to relax yourself or your position of attack for the moment.

Sometimes they do that especially in a hostile situation because they don’t want you to react yet.  Some of you he don’t want you to react yet to the things that are taking place. Hold on as God repositions you so that you can get a better shot at the enemy.

Sometimes if you don’t get them on the first shot they can escape or perhaps shoot back and kill you.  STAND DOWN until God gives you more orders then do as He says and you will be victorious every time!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.


The warring power of the Holy Ghost is released — 2 Comments

  1. May the Lord bless you for the post about the spirit of the hag! I had a dream this morning in which I was being paralysed in my mind, my tongue began to swell on the right side in my mouth, and I saw stars in my mind, as though I was knocked out into a coma! The paralysis came up my body, and I saw a sister in the Lord, and I tried to tell her: Pray! And I began to pray in my spirit! Then I woke up! Then I saw your post and understood: my mother had a stroke on the right side of her body, from the right cheek down to her right foot! She passed away some years ago!  Now, I understand that there will be such an attack by the enemy to bring strokes, paralysis in body and in the mind, and this will cause the people to be knocked out unconsciously, even to the point of death!  I believe this is such a vicious attack, and we believers need more discernment, wisdom, and to receive war strategies from our Commander-in-Chief of the Angel Armies!  Many thanks, and may many blessings come your way!

  2. “they are commanded to hold their peace so that the enemy will think they are afraid to fight, afraid to stand up”

    The last days I am in the midst of a struggle inside myself if I shall ‘answer’ the attack or not and I feel it is exactly as you describe it, because sometimes is the strongest weapon and obedience to be quiet.
    Also Jesus did not answer when they accused Him.

    Thanks again for a Word in the right time, you gave me the right answer . Amen.