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God is not punishing, He’s preparing! — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you! I have had many things lately that has happened. I keep getting into minor accidents every since I purchased my vehicle in 2019. It has always the other person that caused the accidents. So i give God the praise. I have been hit at least 6-7 times. This will make anyone question these incidents. “Why is these things keep happening”

  2. I would like to thank God and you for all of the good words that I just was reading because im going through alots at this time and I have thought about giving up but i can’t because dat is to easy and i know its for a reason and its a big blessing coming for me and that’s why im going to keep pushing thanks for the words

  3. Just look what God is doing to our America today by letting these liberal low life losers trying to take over America with their policies. What is that all about anyway. Where is Trump when we really need him? And if Trump had still been President, this wouldn’t had happened.

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