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The Whales Are Coming! (Updated) — 8 Comments

  1. Have MERCY LORD, HAVE MERCY. Remember we are dust.
    Hear the cry of the children, widows, the disabled. Send help from the Sanctuary and support from Zion.

  2. Great name whale is coming …
    After reading the third chapter of Exodus, I suddenly understood a sentence… Be prepared, a storm is coming, and it is God’s wind that blows into this world. Just like Psalm 1

  3. Messages herald by God’s prophetic voices are being tossed over and or swallowed up by the beast/ those that move by flesh – But The Spirit of revelation brings Light in the belly of a dark womb -Light to Move out John 1:5 and births – The destiny of a Remnant people and nations.

  4. The same word was given to Rick Joyner years back. I am not too sure whether it was in the vision of the Evil Army or The Call. The Lord spoke of this whale as a beast that would swallow the saints. It is something that could be avoided and actually should have been avoided. He said some were already in the belly of the beast. However, the saints would be vomited by this beasts and there shall be another one.

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