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There Is a Price for Effectiveness — 3 Comments

  1. Glory to the Lord! This is exactly what the Lord has been showing me since yesterday. His grace is so amazing. How he would lead me to read the very words he spoke to me last night. God bless you sir. I will never understand why the Lord is so loving to us How great a love the Father has for us; stopping at nothing lto get us into alignment with his will.

  2. Glory to God for His timely Word. This word is to defeat identity crisis and unworthiness that is not from God. We know by the fruit of this generations identity deception and the darkness on the land and great darkness on the people that the Lord SHALL ARISE UPON US! May every single lying spirit after Gods body, be brought to light by the truth of Gods word! Come out of hiding. May the Lord rebuke you in Jesus’s Name! May the captives be set free in Jesus’s Name! May recompense be our portion from God! The thief is caught and not only must he pay back 7fold, we want his whole house in Jesus’s Name. Restoration and liberty! For whom the Son sets free is free indeed, is our God a man that He should lie!? Does His Word return to Him void!? Do not His angels harken unto His very word to perform it!? May it be as it is written! In the Name above all names JESUS CHRIST, WHO CAME TO EARTH AS A MAN IN THE FLESH, WHO IS GOD AND WHO IS THE SON OF GOD. By the authority over all the power of the enemy, by the sword of the living Word of God. As an ambassador of Heaven, what ever i decree shall be established so that light may shine on my ways.

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