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There Is Nothing Hidden! — 6 Comments

  1. What a blessing you’ve been. Thank the Lord for the words He’s given us through you dear beautiful sister June!!
    God bless you!! Thank you!! :)

  2. Thank you, dear sister !
    I have shown them glory over glory, through HIM, but nevertheless they refuse to stop mockery. Even Christians mock me. Cowardice is sin, like many other sins. Dangerous times. Jesus Christ also was in danger. Following JESUS and led by the Holy Scriptures is not an easy job.
    The harvest of lost souls from this world, especially among the nations, will be abundantly, and I praise the LORD for this, even if I must die.
    What times will come when they have to refuse the microchip… oh how many will fall away, for their cowardice and selfishness they will chose “safety” and hope God will bless them for this big denial.
    June, I just wanted to visit you last week in FL, and I had your address from Dade City with me, but it wasn`t time for this. Maybe another time. Thank you all for your prayers and understanding. I had a good rest last night. I felt your prayers.

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