And Heal Their Land


“if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land,”  3 Chronicles 4:14.

It may not happen, at least for a while yet.  Oh, we need it.  We need it more than ever before.

It’s not because of the latest events; it’s a progression of things even down through the years now.  It’s likely that the world as we know it is not going to change.

Too many do not know God; at least in the way we say we do.  Most would agree that this verse, was spoken in reference to God’s people.  I believe it speaks to His people today as well.  To have the promise, we must embrace all of it, even so.

However, there are some things we cannot obtain, unless we go through the required steps to get there.  One, is this healing that so many speak about.  This message is not about politics; it’s about us.  Because the first thing we absolutely must do, is humble ourselves.  We will get nowhere, until we recognize this.

And that not only about humbling ourselves to God; that must come above all else.  But there is an old teaching that comes filtering down to this modern time.  It’s the act of humbling ourselves, to one another.

You can’t tell many of us that this was not a teaching and practice in our early days of the church here.  It’s quite scriptural and it always brought about a sense of peace, and togetherness.

We all know the need to pray; do we still pray, in the way we once did.  Do we have the true depth in prayer that we were once taught, by the Spirit, and by others also.  But what about the next requirement?

I am afraid many people in the church today, do not even know what that term “seek my face,” even means.  Perhaps, we should ask someone.  Wasn’t it to go there, and stay, until the answer came?

Could it be, that there is a lost move, of “getting on our faces before the Lord.”  Many of us want healing; there is no doubt about that. It is going to take some work to get there, however.

There is no need of asking the world to humble themselves; it will take a mighty move of God to do that.  That day will come; we fully know that. It’s not going to settle well with many, that this whole country is going to have to repent, for the way we have treated one another. In too many cases, we have acted anything but Christ-like; even on here.

We’ve likely already lost some readers.  It’s because it’s the next part of this verse, that causes many to halt, and turn back. “And turn, from, their wicked ways.”

Without doing the first steps mentioned here, we will not and cannot get the healing we are seeking for.  What wicked ways could we possible relate to?  Perhaps, it’s loving pleasures, more than loving God.  Making idols out of things, and even people.  Following others, more than following the Spirit.  To claim to be something we are not, could be considered as evil also.

All of these things must be enacted, before “then will I hear from Heaven” occurs.  The next few words must be considered fully before we get that which we desperately need here today.

It states clearly, “and will forgive their sin.”  We know what’s going on in our own country, and even all over this world.  It is flashed before us every day, on all kinds of devices.  But most importantly to me today, is in what way have I myself sinned.  What is it that could keep me from the healing, I so earnestly desire in this very hour.

The words of a song gone by, came drifting through the mists of early time. ‘You can take this world’s wealth and its riches, I don’t need Earth’s fame. It’s my desire, to live for Him.’

It’s easy for most to say that our country needs to turn back to God.  Just what is it, that has caused us to drift so far from the shore.  It must begin with each of us humbling ourselves first; seeking Him as never before.  It starts with me, and it starts with you.

We’ve all made mistakes; and drifted away from the real things that work.  Let us be healed, today.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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