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This Is the Time of Birth Pangs: Soon The Judgments Come! — 3 Comments

  1. I dont think you are on to something . Rethink where your coming from. I think Lynne is pretty much spot on but we will soon see

  2. Scriptures is very clear that we shall not look att “visible” happenings or circumstances,which includes natural “disasters” because they are temporal and just passing by.

    Everything is written in parables and the same way as “waters” is a parable of of people and nations(Rev.17:15), the same way “earthquakes” is parable (of people).

    Only when parables are correctly solved (by understanding received from the Lord) you will then get the correct prophetic confirmation (truth) from the

    If naturell disasters should be “judgments” then the judgments should have been finished by now. God says that you shall be judged “by every word”, which medans your mouth will either separate you to or from Him, not natural earthquakes and other visible things.

    (Hosea 4:6)

  3. “Father, I appreciate this Word because there is both grace and judgement. You have given warnings. I remember cyclone Yasi = I say. The cyclone crossed the coast at Mission Beach, Queensland. Indeed, the church has a mission.

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