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The Bride of Christ in Her Combat Boots — 4 Comments

  1. One of the very few postes I read on this forum.Not only you bring fresh encouraging word from the Father,but your message,is backed by scriptural proof.You are one the rare voice consistently used by the Lord,as his oracle to his Church.May the Lord keep blessing you and continue to use you,in this trying hour.

  2. Hi Deborah.  Thank you dear sister for sharing His Heart of Encouragement for His Children in this Dark Hour.
    Father, please, I pray today for a release within the Sons of God, of the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation to reveal our True Position in Your Son at Your Right Hand in The Heavenlies. And by the Infusion of Your Beautiful Spirit, please release through us upon the Earth the Power of the Kingdom of Heaven. For You Who descended ( to the lowest earthly regions) also ascended above the Heavens and filled the Universe with Yourself. Thank You for the Unfolding of Your Love from the Center Out Abba Father, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit :)

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