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Three Seasons in 2022 — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you for this encouraging, Rhema word!  The Holy Spirit has spoken, my spirit is in utter complete confirmation of this word.  We, His children, shall see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living, no matter how gross the darkness is upon the earth.  Bless you!

  2. This is an accurate word since it was given in December 2021.
    It is serious and uplifting at the same time causing us to reflect on our relationship with Him, and also become the Bride without spot and wrinkle.

    Thankyou for this timely word.

  3. Sir, I believe these words speak to us here in Africa as well and not just America. The second-Third season of 2022 speaks directly to me & is confirmed by a brief dream i had on 3/8/2022 where a man was frowning at me saying “The Lord asked him to tell me not to SAY anything but open my EARS to hear HIS instructions, go on my knees to pray & as I do so; HE will do the REST”. End of dream. Sir, before this dream, I got tired of people taking my simplicity for granted and I was planning to take some harsh steps against some people but the Holy spirit came to warn & instruct me through this dream & confirmed it by you via this prophetic words. Lord, I say Thank You for guiding me! Sir, God Bless you with more anointing!

  4. This is a really bad word more negative not uplighting no Holy Spirit or glory
    No looking forward to good things but all swallowed up by very negative words. No matter how factual you think you are the Holy Spirit ever talks this way

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