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Perseverance and Promotion Bring Double Honor — 9 Comments

  1. Cheri, once again it is the power of Choice that will put us on the path of Obedience..I just now heard the Lord say, when she made the choice to stay awake, she stepped into a place of awakening in many areas that will be part of her carrying the light to those in her circle of influence. That is happening ongoing, dear one. Love and blessings, Sandi

    • Natasha, blessings upon you as you embrace and war with the word of the Lord for you personally. Sincerely, Sandi Holman

  2. Oh my, Sandi what spiritual food this morning.
    The Lord is preparing us more and more for this last day stand.
    I loved the encouragement, but pray many repent. God is not playing.
    Things are going to be showed up. It brings the fear of God to me, to keep a close examination daily of my walk with the Lord.
    I love you sis. Hugs

    Going back to read again.

    • Here we are again dear Joyce examining ourselves daily to be prepared as we face these very difficult days, but THANK GOD, He is our REFUGE. HE is our HELP and HE is our PROVIDER. Thanks so much for your powerful agreement. Hugs and so much love to you! Sandi

  3. Hi again Sandi. :)
    I was just thinking about this word and was reminded about the verse in Joshua you posted where the Lord told Joshua not to fear, but to rise up and go against Ai…A.I.!!!!!
    Isn’t God the Father an Awesome Author…I mean how He incorporated that detail in the Beginning and in the End!!! WOW!!! AMAZING!!!

  4. Thank you beautiful lady!! :)
    Oh Perseverance and Patience!!
    Words like these make me very glad I didn’t go back to sleep when He called me to stay awake.
    I remember one morning in particular, that when it came time, after battling all night, (again) to face an extremely challenging day ahead of me, I said, “Lord, I’m going to cancel, there’s no way!!” His reply was, “I’m developing Perseverance in you.” I got up and faced it and had an amazing day!!
    This story is actually repeated every day since the very moment I chose to stay awake.
    And He’s truly helped by sending so much encouragement through others!!
    Thank you Sandi!! God bless you beautiful lady!!

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