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Three Times the Bear Shall Bite — 25 Comments

  1. I have found, as I often do by looking for something else, a reallt interesting article.
    It is regarding the rise of the far right and neo-nazis on particular in Germany. There are concerns that Putin could use his links with such groups to attack the EU/America. There are already a massive increase in attacks in Germany.
    It brought this word back to me.

    • You have read the Main Stream Media – the same filth everywhere.God fearing people, people who love their country and their culture are called ‘ Nazi’, anyone who does not approve of all the filth poured out to destroy what we cherish. Putin came to power after Russia had desintegrated – he rebuilt it.He is no globalist and abhors the filthy culture that is suffocating our countries.He does not want this cancer in Russia.Almost 20 years ago he tried to bring the European together to establish the Eurasian Union . I saw a video from perhaps 2010 where a US American high ranking military pondered how Germany could be prevented to join such a Union. Do not forget, up to today my country, Germany is not free to decide her own fate. There has been a massive increase in violence from the left and the ‘new’ immigrants. The far right are marching against COVID dictatorship and to prayer rallies at least weekly to ask the Father for his protection, more than 4000 localities since 1st of December 2021, joint and several in Austria,Germany,Switzerland and Southern Tyrol. And it is still getting bigger.I am proud to belong to the leopards. Has not the leopard been a symbol of Our Lord Jesus Christ?

  2. Thank you for sharing this words. I am from Taiwan, your words confirms what has been in our spirits. We arise and pray to the occassion.

  3. Father I stand today in the gap as a Coheir with Christ and open the Door Your knocking on and invite You, thanking You, as Angel of the Lord to take Your position and take possession of the land of Your Nations at war, and Reign and Rule. I thank You that this very Day Father, You are pouring out upon the land the Power of the Body, Blood, Living Water, and Spirit of Your Son, bringing completely into the ashes, everything that prevents the Kingdom of God from becoming, completely, the Kingdom of the earth!! Shake everything that stands in opposition to The Spirit of Truth and Righteousness, all that prevents the Center-out Reflection of Your Image in the lives of Your Sons and Daughters upon the earth.
    Thank You Father for Your Faithfullness!!
    Father, please give Your Church Vision to see with Your eyes, know with Your mind, and understand with Your heart the overwhelming Eternal Victory which is ours through the Completed Work of the Cross of Jesus Christ.
    You stand at the beginning, and You stand at the end, and You are the in-between. You hold it ALL in Your Loving Hands…it Truly is Finished!! Thy Will Be Done!!
    Amen and Amen Lord!!

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