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Thrive and Survive the Spirit of Compromise — 5 Comments

  1. These words came just time time.  I was beginning to spiral in all the fear of lack in the coming days.  I’m thankful for His Grace for unfinished assignments.  I feel like I have so many.

  2. A very relevant word for this now time, I don t understand anyone steering people in this time into what is obvious (IF GOD DOES NOT SUPPLY AND CHANGE THINGS WE ARE ALL GOING DOWN) You think that if you get a few supplies together, get some weapons, find a good hiding place you will survive this, that story I cannot find in my Bible. The earth and its fullness including all the people are the Lords, His plan is not to fill Hell but Heaven, so anyone who keeps stating the obvious we know we get it but we have decided that our God is bigger than anything we have allowed the kingdom of the serpent to bring into the earth we have repented for our foolishness and are waiting on Gods answer, we know this will be the greatest day planet earth has seen because of the number of people this involves and this story is in my Bible again and again

  3. Sandi these are powerful life changing Words. Every time I felt to pull something out, something else hit home that was spoken!

    On so many different levels the Lord used this word for my own life and edification. Thank you for sharing all this. I love you sister.

    Amen to: “You have been in a time of change from the inside out. I AM working changes of attitude, changes of appetite, changes of connections, and changes of heart all for your good by My Mercy and Grace.”

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