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Revival is Coming! Don’t Back Down! — 4 Comments

  1. Hi. I’ve published tracts and a book in English and Spanish and we’ve placed thousands into the prison system. Send me your mailing address and I’ll mail you samples. These materials are fully illustrated.

    • Thank you Wes for your kindness. Although at this point I’m not going in person, or sending mail. This ministry writes Bible Studies and answers letters on an online site. Again thank you. God bless you

  2. HI.  I’m an Assemblies of God teacher/evangelist. I’ve published a book called 21 WAYS TO FORGIVE, illustrated with 40 drawings. It’s printed in English and Spanish. We’ve placed about 11,000 into the prison system of the USA and have also been sending them to Adult and Teen Challenge ministries, about 19 so far.
    We’ve published four full color illustrated tracts and we sell them at our printing cost.  If you sent me your mailing address I’d send samples. They would be great for your prison ministry. Three are $10 per hundred, one is $15 per hundred. One is in Spanish, three in English. We discount 21 WAYS TO FORGIVE down to $3.19 per book for poeple who sponsor them for chaplains to give to prisoners. Love in Christ, Wes Daughenbaugh, http://www.EncouragementExpert.com

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