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To Be or Not To Be? — 5 Comments

  1. Also, when we hear “apostle,” we should realize that the translation of the Ancient Greek word into common English would simply be “missionary.” (Otherwise, why would that utterly essential ministry be excluded in “the fivefold” in Ephesians 4?)

  2. Good going again, brother Chris. Yes, at 64 years of age, hearing (another) prophet prophetically calling me a prophet, then God not letting me sleep until I heard Andy Reese speak of God’s actual 7 “gifts” (Biblical term, think seven ministerial temperaments, one can easily Web search for his book) one of which is being a prophet… helped me a great deal.

  3. Chris, what else is there to say??You said it all. my brother. What a responsibility we carry and surely in this wild and wooly moment of time, we must pause and continue to walk slowly and completely filled with the fear of the Lord. We must put this one in our book of REMINDERS, lest we lose sight of the call that only comes from God. Thanks for sharing. I will pass it on my friend. Sandi

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