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Prepare to Stand Surely as The Nation Falls! — 15 Comments

    • God bless you Mary. The True Remnant will stand in obedience and in the Kingdom do many exploits!
      Fear is done away with and the sound of Victory rings out true. Be encouraged always sister and hope always in the Lord. ❤️

  1. Sister Joyce, I take your word from The Lord very seriously. The Lord shall take good care of His remnant ; and possibly the greatest revival ever known shall take place at this time.  I certainly hope so.

    • Yes, Amen, David. The end time harvest is upon us!
      Still I don’t publish a exact time as the Lord has not spoke that to me.
      It’s just always important to always cry out for mercy and keep watch in our land!
      Many can be spared by obedience and being on alert. Never fear but sound the trumpet and alarm for righteousness sake! God bless you.

    • Same time so much evil, God’s Remnant gonna shine brighter. Many souls are gonna be won for the Kingdom of God! We fight the good fight of faith and praise on!!

  2. Mark, you are so right. I believe God is doing a mighty alignment with like minded believers.
    Blessing in Christ Jesus

  3. Thankyou for sharing the words from the Lord dear Joyce.Thankyou Jesus for the Blood Covenant we have in and through You.Help me dear Holy Spirit to know and fully understand it, especially in these days we are living in.God bless and keep you.

    • God bless you too, Katherine. Amen, to the blood covenant! The Lord will help us all to draw closer in these last days. Thank you much.  ❤️

  4. Truly the just shall live by faith. At the rising of the remnant and the true 5 fold ministry is simmering to the top….The first were last the last will be first that has been in preparation in hidden places

    • I agree. All warnings have been ignored. God is connecting us with fellow like minded believers. The harvest is the end of the age. Now is the time to stand still on the Rock. He will lead His remnant.

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