To My Remnant Warriors


A Word of the Lord to My remnant warriors.

This is your Finest hour.

The hour you were brought into the Kingdom for.

The hour to cry aloud and spare not.

The Hour to call My people and my House to repentance.

To call a solemn assembly.

To weep between the porch and the altar.

Your hour to receive My mantles of might to show My people and the Nations their transgressions, and the evil of their ways to call them back to Me.

Back to righteousness, back to holiness, back to repentance, back to their first love and their first works.

To prepare My people for My coming and the great and Terrible Day of the Lord.

To embrace and release the full baptism of My fire.

To stand up with integrity and allow no compromise in your midst.

To be My voice to walk in brokenness as you weep for My Church and the souls of men, for the hour of the the final harvest is at hand.  And when Zion travails, she brings forth the Hour to discern between the Holy and the profane.

So go forth as My Fire Starters and start a fire that will never go out; to pick up the mantle of Jehu; slay the spirit of Jezebel in the midst of My House; and embrace the Visitation of the Ancient of Days.

Your time to possess My Kingdom, and boldly go forth and Proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom unto the ends of the Earth, thus saith the Lord


Kevin Nugent

Kevin NugentKevin Nugent



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