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Prayer Declaration to Unravel Evil Plans — 7 Comments

  1. Thank u so very much father God for all ur works indeed and loseing the binds and destroying the evil eye that should try to look uppon ur.childern fayher.. amen And ty u miss for writing this..I mean it was an absolute blessing for to stumw upon this.. every word was jus what I needed to pray for here tonight.. I sure am thankful for my faith an belief and remind anyone who has not tryed to believe or gave God the chance I ask an beg of u to jus give God a hello in the morning s and i u can remember start a good night to him eveynight followed.by thank yous and an amen .. an I promise u with all my ❤️ heart that if u have even least smallest as a mustard seed ..yes that small is all it takes .. then u can only dream of how amazing our almofh king and God is and I will have wished u had belived sooner however jus being able to revive that amount love that he’s already given to us and if we jus.ask and let him know we care then the blessing and freedom.of evil and fear an not being loved .. he takes all that away.how amazing he is.. I jus wish I could show.him more and somehow help ppl like the lady whom I know had tried to give me things that where of the evil eye and to do those ways another for the works of misery an pure hell God bless her and father we ask that u come into her heart and let her know u dies on the cross for our sin and rose again on the third day.. I thank u father and I ask that u cast out any evil works that should try and go against what’s of u father and I ask u to send the evil to where ever it is you would have them to go father in ur name I pray and for all the children and families in the whole world mom’s and dads granddad and momma an And he lady who wrote the prayer the lost ones father and last but not least myself..I thank u for what u have done what u r doing and what u r going to do…in Jesus name I pray Amen

  2. Perfect word for the innocent in Christ Jesus to read declare and agree with.  This declaration is also perfect for the family disunity that I have been going through since our mother’s death in 2013.  Please agree with me for a swift conclusion and sudden favor for me and my daughter.  The legal system moves so slowly, but God is a God of the SUDDENLIES and I’m receiving this word today in faith for my/our SUDDENLY.

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