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To the Members of His Ekklesia — 6 Comments

  1. It pays to ask for forgiveness for both intentional & unintentional sins/offences every second from God & individuals. This is what you have HUMBLY done & God will bless you for your HUMILITY!  SIR, ALWAYS REMEMBER TO SHARE THE PURE UNDILUTED WORDS OF GOD GIVEN TO YOU EVEN IF IT WILL HURT!  TRUTH IS NEVER SWEET BUT BITTER! ONLY LIES IS SWEET!  GOD STRENGTHEN YOU SIR!  My opinion please.

  2. We ALL must Intercedes with Full PRAYER’S with The HOLY GHOST WORDS. AMÉN..!

    RO 8.26

    HEB 7.25

    JMS 5.16

    AC 7.60

    JN 14.26

    JR 7.16

    IS 53.12


  3. Wow,I have been in this same thinking for weeks,months even years,and I told my partner I gotten the revelation of the Ekklesia,God bless you for confirming this for me,God bless

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