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Let us Cry Out in Our Town Squares! — 8 Comments

  1. Soul winning through the preaching of the Gospel of CHRIST has always a bitter pill for Satan & his agents. The early Apstoles were mocked, threatened, lied against, betrayed, beaten, imprisoned, killed e.t.c as a way of stopping them from preaching the Gospel & bringing fear on those who wanted to accept Christ but they NEVER GAVE UP!  The Holy Spirit gave them utterances, boldness, went ahead of them as they preached & won souls until their last days & today they are crowned in heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ.  I PRAY THAT SAME HOLY SPIRIT GO AHEAD & SHIELD YOU MAMA JOYCE & ALL OTHER FISHERS OF MEN. MAY HE TOUCH HEARTS TO WILLINGLY ACCEPT CHRIST IN JESUS NAME. THANKS.

  2. @ Myriam God leads us often similiary but still differently. That is the beauty of the Body of Christ! Your keywords I felt was it was peaceful.
    God’s heart is not to stir up strife and debate. While we stand up for what’s right, we sure need operate in Christian love. Still we sure can be firm and not compromise! God bless you. 
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. I just arrived home after exactly having done this what you share. Together with my son and with neighbours and with people from all over the country. And like you, dear sister, In the center square of a town. 3000 men and women plus children. Insiders say, it were many more thousands, speaking, proclaiming. I stood not on the microphone, for this is not my “business”. It was a public announced and allowed demonstration. I did never join “political” events, but this public outcry WORLDWIDE is about losing jobs, becoming homeless or being poisoned.  Every weekend concerned citizens meet in another big town.
    It is a public cry of despair. It is a public plea to stop the j a b and m a s k terror. It was peacefully. but police placed everywhere in background. I stood among Christians who had big letters on big charts and flags with words of thanking GOD for our wonderful immune system and that HE is the rightful healer.

  4. “Powerful FAITH message”, AMÉN, AMÉN, AMÉN, SELAH..!

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