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Trailblazers “Ablaze With His Glory” — 3 Comments

  1. When I was in Brazil at Dunamis Greenhouse discipleship training, a girl there got a vision from the Lord for me. This girl & I did not know each other. This was the first time we met. I recorded her talking, but She was Brazilian and spoke in Portuguese so I had to have someone else translate.
    In her vision she said “While we were talking I saw you and a mountain. I saw you climbing mountains and the Lord told me the word trailblazer. Then I saw you pioneering things in the spiritual world, and he told that you are receiving a gift of grace for those days.” I’m not sure what this means, and I have been trying to process it with the Lord. I came across your post & figured you may be able to give me some insight.

  2. I heard trailblazer in prayer the other morning, I shared that with a friend and he shared this teaching with me!! Praise God!!

  3. 1st and most thank you for this beautiful message for you are a willing vessel And God-bless your ministry in family we must not give up the good fight and stand for what we believe in and that is our Lord Jesus Christ our Lord and savior

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