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Years ago while traveling by pickup truck into the backside of my Desert place, I encountered a mud problem; I got stuck and could not get out of the mud.  I was praying today, and heard this word about America being stuck in the RED MUD, and then the Lord reminded me about my Red Mud experience.  I must share it with you before I give the Word the Lord spoke to me about America.

To understand the Red Mud, I must explain its origin and where it comes from.  In the area that I must travel through to get to my Desert place there is a section of ground that lies in the RED BEDS.  The Red Beds are a dark red clay stratum which appears at certain levels of the earth. The scientists say that the red clay is hematite or iron oxide.  At one time this part of New Mexico was underwater of ancient ocean which deposited this layer of red clay; since then, the layer has been exposed by erosion and earthquake action, revealing  this one section of Red Beds on the surface or the ground level.  In order to go into this desert, the old ranch road that crosses this section must cross the “Red Beds”.

This Red earth is largely Clay in consistency,very fine grained clay.  When the red iron clay is dry it is hard packed and firm, but when it is wet it becomes very,very, slick and sticky.  If it has rained recently before you travel into that red bed section you will of necessity, have to put on mud chains to give you enough traction on the road to navigate it without getting stuck.  The vehicle will slide like it is on ice, and as I have said many times, LIKE OWL GREASE.  I understand that “Owl Grease” (“slicker than owl grease began as old timers used lard out of owls as as grease on wagon axles and other things) is in reference to extreme slickness which is even worse than trying to travel on ice.  One can hardly even stand up on such slickness, much less drive a truck over the area.

There is a draw with a small flat next to a normally dry creek bed that has to be crossed when traveling into my desert place. This draw can become very muddy if there has been rain up above the area where the flood waters will flow through the Red Beds and redeposit the fine iron silt (mud) on the flat as water overflows the creek.  I came along the road crossing this flat expanse and the road was dry leading into it, but it had rained about a mile north of the draw and the flood waters had come down the creek and overflowed the bank bring a fresh deposit of fine red mud overlaying the entire flat.

Traveling through the RED BEDS....

Traveling through the RED BEDS….

I should have turned around because I knew better than pull off into that red mud without mud chains, but I was in a hurry, and just drove off into the fresh red mud thinking I could navigate through the small flat.  Immediately the tires on the truck found no traction but were spinning in the slick fine mud.  It was impossible to continue because I could not go back or forward.  I was stuck in mud that was not over 2 inches deep.

It was so very slick it was worse than ice. Opening the door I stepped out into the mud to try to see what I could do to help get out, and as soon as my feet hit the muddy ground they went out from under me and I fell flat, into the mud. I lay there in red mud.  Trying to get up, but I kept slipping down.  I couldn’t stand up because the mud was so very slick. Finally I was able to very carefully maneuver myself out of the mud.  Needless to say I had to wait until the ground dried to continue my trip into the desert.

This is what I hear the Lord saying about America: 

“America is slipping and sliding, stuck in the Red Mud.  The Red is the Blood of the many babies murdered to cover mans’ sin.  Their cry comes loud and clear unto me; I hear their crying out of the Red Mud.” 

The Lord is telling me to say that ABORTION IS MURDER and that A NATIONAL SIN OF AMERICA is ABORTION, MURDER.  The fact is evident to me that God is very upset about this and counts it very serious.  I believe He is saying these words of warning to all who read this word, warning them to repent for this terrible sin.

I hear him talking about how men in America are living in sin.  There is much sexual sin and these men and women are committing this sin and trying to cover it by aborting the Babies being born out of their sin.  God knows that each life taken is a real life because life begins at conception.  The unborn baby is really human, and to God it is Murder to destroy that new life.

This word is a STRONG WARNING FROM GOD CALLING AMERICA TO REPENT and turn away from this terrible sin.

“Then the LORD said to Cain, “Where is Abel your brother?   And he said, “I do not know. Am I my brother’s keeper?
He said, “What have you done?  The voice of your brother’s blood is crying to Me from the ground.  Now you are cursed from the ground, which has opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand.…”   Genesis 4:9.11


~ Prophet Ken Dewey


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