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  1. Judy+Smith, please forgive my delay in replying to your great encouraging agreement. Keep igniting the Darkness girl. That is the greatest need of this hour for sure. Set the pace, ignite the fire and may it spread all across our land. Thanks so much for your response. It sooooo encouraged me. Happy Holidays to you as we continue to take our mountains!!

  2. I just have no word to explain the agreement I feel in this word Sandi!  I am host of a ZOOM meting called, ” Ignite the Darkness; Lighten the Day!”  It is a 4th Watch prayer time every AM at 5 for 30 days; right to Nov. 2nd; the day before the USA election.  The things you speak forth in this divine word are the same things we are interceding about.  So close to what you are saying is what the Holy Spirit has been giving us revelation about.  It is a “ON FIRE” time for the body of Christ as we sit in Christ in the heavenly places; far ABOVE the rule of darkness.  Hallelujah, the prayers of the righteous will move the mountains in Jesus name!

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